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Are Circe and Rex a CoupleAre Rex and Circe and itemAre any of the authors openly Christian
Are there going to more romantic moments between Rex and Circe from now onAre we going to see Beverly Holiday again in future episodes of Generator RexCan Rex still build that cool robot
Can rex still build his evo formDid Circe join Rex's teamDid Rex and Circe end up together
Did Rex kiss CirceDid Six and Holiday MarryDid Six and Holiday kiss
Did breach get curedDid rex get injected with the nanite alphaDo Generator Rex fans like Dr. Rebecca Holiday hair in a bun or straight down on Generator Rex
Do Rex Salazar, Agent Six, Caesar Salazar, White Knight and Dr. Rebecca Holiday like working in the Dam Base yes or noDo you know the song that plays in season 1 ep 17 basic?Does Rex Salazar's best friend, Noah Nixon, get good grades in school and is he smart
Does Rex and Circe become girlfriend and boyfriend after kissing each otherDoes Rex and Circe will marry in FutureDoes Rex ever go full evo again
Does Rex love Annie or CirceDoes Rex love Cricket and Beverly or he just love CirceDoes Rex make you lol
Does Rex still have the Upgrade SuitDoes Rex use the sword Six gave himDoes Six like Dr.Holiday
Does anyone think that six will confess his love to Rebecca HolidayDoes breach like RexDoes it still air at cartoon network
Does magic exist in rex's universeDoes rex escape circe from prisonDr. Holiday gets her boot destroyed in which episode
Dr. Rebecca Holiday is 28 years old how old is her little sister Beverly Holiday in Generator RexGenerator Rex AnswersGenerator Rex The Movie
Generator Rex season 4Give Me 5 good reasons that Generator Rex is better than Ben 10 seriesHas anyone else noticed almost all the main and semi-main characters have black hair
How are geographic causes linked to the emergence of civilizationHow come we never got to see more romantic moments between Rex and Circe after their shared their first kiss!!!How come we never got to see more romantic moments between Rex and Circe after they shared their first romanic kiss!!
How did rex become an agent of providenceHow did rex lose his memoriesHow do rex's powers work
How does Rex go to Ben's worldHow does Rex keep his powersHow is Rex still an EVO after the events of Endgame
How long did Rex rememberHow many machines can Rex buildHow many other wayward "children" of Ceasar are there
How many series that Generator Rex going to haveHow many times does rex go full evoHow many years did Generator Rex air?
How much is Dr. Rebecca Holiday older than her younger sister Beverly Holiday is by 12 or 13 yearsHow old is Agent SixHow old is Caesar Salazar
How old is Cezar SalazarHow old is Noah NixonHow old was Dr. Holiday when, her sister, Beverly went EVO
How old was rex when he was a kidHow powerful is the alpa naniteI'm looking for a song... You know the name of the song in the episode "Leader of the pack", when Rex arrives at the party organized by VK
I've heard they have some 60 or so episodes already written. At what point will they decide whether to make more episodes, who makes that choice and based on what factorsI Know that Rex Salazar of Generator Rex and Gwen Tennyson of Ben 10: Ultimate Alien are the most powerful being who will win between Rex Salazar or Gwen TennysonI find rex cool
I know that Rex stinks at pranking Noah in "Guy vs Guy", but who can help Rex pranking in Generator RexI think they should give Generator Rex a new series, sequel or new season since the Ben 10 series have a fourth seriesIf Generator Rex is better than the Ben 10 series like Ben 10: Ultimate Alien and Ben 10: Omniverse why they did not cancel the Ben 10 series instead of Generator Rex
If Rex's sword can turn into a chainsaw what can his Rex ride turn intoIf Rex love Circe then why he look towards other girls and why he makes Annie two times his date and why he goes to concert with Beverly is one girl not enough for Rex and why he never take Circe on a date or to concertIf Rex really loves Circe then why has he asked Annie to date him twice
If there is another series do you think we will see tuck,skwyd,cricket,circe and fredireco regain their powers and form a group of heroes with rex.In "Grounded", we know that Rex was grounded. Was Noah grounded tooIn Endgame Part 2 in the Generator Rex series finale do you think that Dr. Rebecca Holiday younger sister Beverly could been cure if she did not destroy the machine in A Family Holiday
In a future episode of Generator Rex, will it show the character 10 years into the futureIn episode Beyond The Sea does Rex invite Circe for a date and if he ask Circe for a date then why he says to Noah that its not a date.In the Series Finale of Generator Rex Black Knight is going to be Fired
In the episode Black and White is Dr. Holiday going to wear her white lab coat againIn the future seasons of generator Rex is there going to be another person with the same abilities as RexIn what episode does rex go full evo
In which episode Rex is littleIn which episode Rex meet Agent SixIs Beverly Holiday 16, 17 or 18 years old in Generator Rex
Is Beverly Rex's girlfriendIs Black Knight a hero or villain on Generator RexIs Black Knight related to Van Kleiss
Is Circe Rex's girlfriendIs Dr. Rebecca Holiday sister Beverly Holiday is 16 or 20 year oldIs Generator Rex Going To Get A Sequel Series Where Rex is 21
Is Generator Rex going to have a new seriesIs Generator Rex overIs Rex ever going to school
Is Rex good in something better than Noah on Generator RexIs Van Kleiss coming backIs Van Kleiss faking his insanity
Is breach black KnightIs circe love rexIs endgame really the last episode of generator rex forever or just a seasons finale
Is jungle cat curedIs rex crazyIs rex going to make another new machine
Is the show overIs there a 2nd GENERATOR REX SERIES in the worksIs there a chance that Black Knight going to hire back White Knight in Black and White in episode of Generator Rex
Is there an episode in season 3 calls Rock my world and if there is where is itIs there going to be a fourth and fifth season of this awesome series!!!Is there going to be another generator rex ben 10 crossover
Is there is a new naniteIs this wiki still activeIs we ever going to see Dr. Rebecca Holiday wear her white lab coat again
Mas o k raio é k é um "evo"Other than on wikia, what are all the online fansites dedicated to this showPor que mutante rex não passa mais no cartoon network
Rex is born inRock my worldSeason 3 in uk
Since Rex Best Friend Noah is good of prank Rex do you think that Ben Tennyson could help him prank Noah in Guy vs Guy episode in Generator Rex since Ben Tennyson is a jokerSince Rex going to Infiltrate New Providence in "Black and White", does that means he's going to make it look badSince we know Dr. Rebecca Holiday is 28 year old How old is her younger sister Beverly Holiday
Since we know Noah Nixon has a girlfriend Claire and her clumsy Best Friend Annie how old they areSo is this going to be the end and whyThere will be a season 4
There will be season 4They have stoped airing episodes for some unkown reason when will rex be back onTrue or False Dr. Rebecca Holiday sister Beverly Holiday is the same age as Rex Salazar on Generator Rex
True or False do you think that Generator Rex Basic episode was better than Ben 10: Ultimate Alien episode of Basic TrainingUntil what season is the season finaleWe know that Rex Salazar is sixteen years old, but how old is Caesar
What Month and Year when Rex Salazar was BornWhat are nanitesWhat are the names of rex father and mother
What could be the new threats/crisis for Generator RexWhat country is Paradise base located inWhat did holiday say to six when she confronted him about the kiss
What do Generator Rex fans think about Dr. Rebecca Holiday hair in a bunWhat does Rex and Caesar Salazar put in their hairWhat episode do Circe and Rex kiss
What grade is Rex Salazar Best Friend Noah Nixon in High SchoolWhat hair style does Dr. Holiday keepWhat happeaned to the consortium
What happened to BreachWhat happened to adding comments on this wiki!!!What is Dr. Rebecca Holiday Birthday
What is Federico's full nameWhat is Noah Nixon strongest and weakest school subjectWhat is Van Kleiss's first name
What is Van Kleiss's nationality and educational backgroundWhat is the Black Knight's real nameWhat is the most likely machine yo rex
What is the name of Rex's big axe machine, is it Battle axes or Bad AxesWhat is your favorite weaponWhat makes the nanites activate
What music was used in generator rexWhat the hell is a "evo"What was Breach's name before she became an evo
What year was Rex born?Whatever happened to Rombauer and LanskyWhen does Rex go EVO
When does Rex turn EcoWhen does rex go full evoWhen is Agent Six going to make his move on Dr. Rebecca Holiday
When is Caesar's birthdayWhen is The Generator Rex MovieWhen is the forth season
When was Rex bornWhen will generator rex returnWhere can you watch Riddles of the Sphinx
Where is Agent Six in the last two episodes!Where is NoahWhere is Van Kleiss
Who agrees that Generator Rex should have a sequel series or SeasonWho did Rex marriedWho did rex first kiss
Who is RexWho is Robo BoboWho is black knight
Who is doctor holidayWho is rex's fatherWhy Rex can make E.V.Os people
Why Rex is not powerfulWhy can't Rex prank Noah in "Guy vs. Guy"Why did Rex's brother try to take Rex's nanite power
Why did they stop making Generator Rex episodesWhy did we never saw an episode where Rex rescues Circe from Providence's clutches!!Why does holiday care so much for rex safety if she doesnt love him
Why does rex not like holiday any moreWhy is Agent Six and White Knight hardly shown on the showWhy is circe like a fish
Why is the omega evo form look different than when he was rampaging in mexicoWhy they cancel Generator Rex instead of giving it a sequel or new season and cancel the Ben 10 seriesWhy was Generator Rex cancelled
Why was it canceldWill Agent Six ever regain his memorieWill Generator Rex have a fourth season
Will Rex be in Ben's World the Next CrossoverWill Rex ever go in his full E.V.O formWill Rex get a Girlfriend
Will Rex get any new buildsWill Van Kleiss and Black Knight meet face to faceWill Van Kleiss have his hair cut short
Will alfa come backWill there be a fourth season or a new seriesWill there be a generator rex season 4 and 5 if so when
Will there be a new season,movie or even a new series of Generator RexWill there be a new seriesWill there be a season 4
Will there be a season 4 of Generator RexWill there be another seasons to Ben 10: Ultimate AlienYou like Dr. Rebecca Holiday in a black gray vest or white lab coat
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